Pose: A magazine about fashion photography.

Pose is a magazine about fashion photography that will be published monthly and sold exclusively in New York City. It is not for fashion advertisement. Its content is about the history of fashion in photography, the greatest fashion photographers and the emerging ones, the technics, the pro and cons about it, the most amazing fashion photos, tips, how to become a fashion photographer, everything behind cameras: hair, makeup, stylists, models and so on. Its not just about the photo, its also about the production behind it.
Pose is going to be a modern, elegant and distinguish magazine with a lot of visual information. It will count with a size of 8.5” x 12”, and with 170 to 200 pages. This magazine targets fashion and art lovers interested in photography, art direction and production.
The goal for this new magazine concept is to be entertaining but also informative about two of the must interesting types of art: fashion and photography.